Airboss Tom Spielmann

Tom Spielmann, an ICAS Certified Airboss, has been coordinating airshows with the FAA for over 18 years.  Tom is impeccable at obtaining waivers, creating a safe airspace plan, and working with Pilots and Airshow Directors to deliver a show experience that pleases crowds and sponsors.

Tom is a pilot and understands the capabilities of aircraft helping him provide expert council on the design of your airshow airspace.  His pilot experience increases the event safety as he handles transient traffic, directs performers, and manages the local airspace. 

Tom is based in Indiana and covers the entire Midwest.  Two day shows, one day shows, or just a couple hours of waivered airspace are possible.  Contact VAR if you would like help with the FAA and obtaining the correct documentation for your event.



Announcer Luke Carrico

Luke Carrico brings a professional, radio quality sound to your event.  Sponsor announcements, schedule reminders, music, commentary, and airshow performer announcing are choreographed so those attending get the most enjoyment from your event.

Luke can organize audio equipment or work with your local supplier.  Please contact VAR to discuss your needs and we'll make a plan tailored to your circumstances.

We can help with social media so that the event announcing and social media presentation are integrated.  Contact VAR to discuss the possibilities. 


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Ramp Services

VAR provides ramp services to manage your ramp activity, marshal transient traffic, and maintain sterile areas for performers at your airshow or fly-in.  Our crew is trained in marshaling and is equipped with communications.  Our service is scalable to meet your needs or we can work with existing volunteers to improve situational awareness and efficiency.

Contact VAR to discuss your ramp services needs and learn more about how we can increase safety.